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You want to know more about APPSUS Colombia

It is the first Colombian software that helps the Municipal Mayors to simplify administrative and operational processes,
offering the following services

Bank of projects system

It allows to plan, organize, execute and evaluate the programs and projects of the mayorshi.

Accountability system

Make management reports, accountability and PDM evaluation easily.

Document management system

Create, recive, locate and preserve documents efficiently and systematically.

Recruitment system

It manages information on the contractual processes in all its stages.

One-stop system and PQRS

Improves user attention with shift management, allowing you to track your visits.

Inventory system

Supervises the warehouse entry and exit processes in an organized manner. Consult and generate reports.

Human resources system

Organize and easily consult hiring information, employees and suppliers.

Administrative and financial system

It allows the management of accounting, treasury, budget and municipal taxes.

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